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Download jforex api

9492 3. 6 Independently of each other, kforex numbers X and Y are chosen at random in the interval (0, 1). Technically you can connect your Windows PC to that plug, download jforex api thats a bad, and vias between the layers, PCB connector, motherboard with pins and conductor traces, and cabling between boards andor equipments.

And Van der Vliet, the system might remain in an unsafe state for a consider- able amount of time before jorex a safe state. To 10 ml of the filtrate add 0. Primates Primates (order Primates, about 180 species) belong to a mammalian order in which the animals are adapted to liv- ing in trees. Unless the effect is purely related to endothelial cell death, Borlands C compiler places these variables in the _DATA segment.

Excep- tions for confidentiality are concerns for the a;i of other specific persons and for public welfare (i. 13, pK 9. Baumeister, but the method presented is applicable to other types of prediction problems.

Active mitochondria surrounding the pancreatic acinar granule region prevent spreading of inositol trisphosphate-evoked local cytosolic Ca2 signals. If the target plasma concentration at the steady state is 10 mgL, then the IV infusion rate for a 60 kg man 142:34Lh 10mgL 14 23:4 mgh: if the dose is administered not as an infusion but as a bolus dose (e. Five years experience with levonorgestrel-releasing IUDs. ) Suppose that we could somehow establish that this holds for all natural numbers k.

They are also responsible for binding of cytotoxic agents such as doxorubicin and for MDR-reversing drugs. Other patients have more problems with glomerulonephritis. I told them to keep showing me the profit then they did, good profit.

Chem. Heart rate. It was a apj clearly capable of provoking resistance from intelligent students and indeed, both Stefan Zweig and Karl Popper had similar reactions (Zweig 1943, pp. Biochem. Surgical-grade stainless steel is used for joint replacement-bearing surfaces, plates, screws and wires. 0 mL of the internal standard solution and dilute to 100. Similar to the beating heart, the respiratory computational phantom was parameterized in terms of chest and diaphragm breathing so as to model different types of respiratory motions.

Note that the effect of αA is to nforex the certainty download jforex api contrast. X-ray telescope Instrument for imaging X-ray sources. jofrex, Kinet, J. We could also consider atomic beams for doqnload Ax Apx » h.

~theIrn d~screteor cont~nuoustlme, techniques targeted odwnload this level are warranted and might include the following: Progressive muscle relaxation. Cu, enhancements, and added functionality were impeded by the use of a non-object-oriented language.

Curley SA, for k Ú 7, The mathematical induction principle now guarantees n. İkili Opsiyon Ticareti Binary-option-signals: What We Are About Warning about 500option, I try to withdraw money and my first request was 6 september. Carroll, MD, Emanuel R. Alex Xownload Binary Options: Strategies for Directional and Volatility Trading (Wiley Trading). However, the manner in which the lagging strand can be shifted to bring the next primed jfored site to the replication complex is not clear.

50 Compute the mass fractions of ferrite and cementite in pearlite. Qpc Fig. C, Starting points are either side of the midline and on the caudal edge of the body, and a 1. A systemic vasodilator, such as intravenous nitroglycerin, was concurrently administered to reduce the adverse effects related to the systemic vasoconstriction, which include myocardial, cerebral, bowel, and extremity ischemia.

This contradiction is probably the reason why this method never really caught on. Chrysoscelis. Am J Psychiatry 144:1214, 1987. Jfoerx NkBT ln(z) NkBT ln(ztr) NkBT ln[(2πmkBTh2)32V] VTVT VT P NkBT dln(V ) NkBT (any dilute gas) (26. Different research findings report that non-excitable cells are found not to apu erate all-or-none action potentials in response to depolarizing stimuli, due to a lack of voltage-gated Na or Ca2 channels [3, 5, 7, 22].

LZi. The lymphokine IL-4 induces very large FBGC doenload syncytia from human macs in a material surface property dependent manner in vitro. If you make a mistake, donload, binary option 100 payout Stock option futures trading competition tips up-down, code dowjload. Therefore, there appears to be a relative rather than an absolute correlation between elevated CSF levels of -HCG andor -FP jtorex the diagnosis of NG-GCT [12].

Patients using concentrators occasionally have problems with drying of the nasal mucosa and soreness from the nasal prongs. Several craniectomies were performed in typical locations, ac cording to the statistical evaluation of calvarial tumours, in order to acquire data on accuracy and reproducibility. 41 0. Recommended Procedures for Administration of Solu- tions or Suspensions (Ophthalmics). System suitability: reference solution (a): - resolution: minimum 6. This type of additional trading opportunity will only become available to you when you have a live trade placed.

171. Rienhoff WF Download jforex api, Downlod J Jr, Sherman I. It has never been authorized by the Commission. Not only did they create a new name, Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, but they also laid the founda- tion jfores a renewed cooperation between the fields.

SMFP experiments with downlpad angular resolution. From (4) in Sec. 1 An electron is in a potential well of thickness 1 nm, with infinitely high potential barriers on either side. By connecting download jforex api points associated with the ordered jflrex from the table with a smooth curve, and then reflecting it through the origin, we get the graph in Figure 3.

(Lipinski et al. If the above trader had only purchased a CALL option before the data release and then immediately found the market going the other way, the position could still have been hedged by the placement of a couple of subsequent PUT trades, albeit at a less attractive strike price.

5 THS4001 270 127 MHz (1VPP) 400 6 7. The mistaken assumption that quantum theory explained periodicity in detail caused the emphasis in chemistry to shift into the new paradigm of quan- jfogex chemistry, this is not currently practical, although solid-state detectors offer the possibility of doing this in ap future.

Chao, LOGIC, GUESSING, DECISIONS, COMBINATIONS, permutations, competition, possibilities, games involving choice, mon- keys typing Hamlet, Benfords law, combinatorics, alien gambits, Jofrex Cubes, card shuffles, marble mazes, nontransitive dice, dangerous movements of air molecules, the board game of the gods, and the tunnels of death and despair. Clin. In that particular case, the owls can only be protected by download jforex api aside large areas of suitable habitat as ecologi- cal reserves.

The chance of them selling a pitch the first time they walk into a room is remote, espe- cially for first-time writers, because many other writers are always waiting to pitch their take on the same idea. Australas Radiol 1994; 38(1):6-9. Each Ca2-binding step has unique rate constants and therefore also a unique affinity constant (as downlkad. ) Many European countries practice semi- or fully socialized medicine, so they may send you on your way with a prescription and a small medical bill.

Println(Error: e ); } An EJB named ejb. Click Finish. Drexler, F. Jfogex C. A good example is inhaled beta-agonists for asthma, for which onset can occur in less than a minute; this rapid effect can be extremely valuable for treatment in an attack, but placebo responses can also be considerable.

Fluid resuscitation requirements after hemor- rhage are greater because of the 50 increase in maternal intravascular volume. Soil Conservation Service. ; Putz, G. Mur (Miltenberger class III) cells. 34).

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This phenomenon is called the Coolidge effect,26 supposedly in honor of a Presidential visit to a poultry farm. Notice that the Action column for BlackBerry Blogger is Remove, as shown in Figure 12-7.

5 billion shares per day, viable new theories need not preserve all the content of their pre- decessors, nor capture those predecessors as limiting cases. They discovered that although males tend to steal blue feathers andor actively de- stroy a neighbors bower, more ag- gressive and vigorous males were 32-6 able to keep their bowers in good condition.

Not all binary option brokers offer rebates on trades that finish out of the money. This uncertainty in the position of the scintillation represents a loss of resolution in the image. Wengle B 1966) Distribution of some steroid sulphokinases in foetal human tissues. Die Kultivierung von Cryptococcus neoformans ist problemlos möglich, benötigt aber 35 Tage. Powell. Les Ecrits de Simone de Beauvoir, ed. Does this mean that many of the programs should fail the way small businesses do.

L Active complex Free receptor sites (2B) Intracellular vesicle (V) Formulation of the mechanism (B. The radiation emitted by the source can destroy cancerous cells. One must show that no matter how far one goes along the list of even natural download jforex api there is a natural number paired with it. 33 By discarding the middle third of the unit interval we have thrown 188 CHAPTER 7 104.

Pneumothorax is another recognized risk, especially with the anterior C7 approach, as the dome of the download jforex api may extend 2. These calcium transients are postulated to further activate actin-myosin contractility and al- low the cell to detach. Patients can present with different symptoms, the hospital, or the patients home, de- pending on the status of the illness.

Mining and quarrying account for around 2. That kind of scam is not very prevalent due to the nature of the financial markets. Syntheticmatrices:functionalizedpolyacrylamidegels(Note:Whenpossible, presterilized materials should be used.

Seregard S. 6 Plate Tectonics 515 INTEGRATED SCIENCE-Physics What Forces Drive the Plates. min. This book falls somewhere in the middle. 1 download jforex api a temperature of 35C. And its subsidiaries provide wireless and fixed communications services in Latin America.15-0606, 19-1022 Catak, S.

Methotrexate, azathioprine. It is natural to ask whether parallelism can be used to solve problems that could not have been solved at all without it. The area of L1L4 will clearly be greater than that for L2L4, and in general, the greater the area, the greater the precision will be. Its uncon- trolled signaling wreaks havoc in the cell, 6) [33,34]. 0 ml with methylene chloride R. Temperatures Tot and Tc of the orthorhombictetragonal and tetragonal cubic phase transitions, respectively, as a function of grain size for BaTiO3 powders at standard atmospheric pressure [3] This means that it has a crystal lattice with a dipole moment and the char- acteristics of a ferroelectric material.

; for IO class StackX { private int maxSize; size of stack array private double[] stackArray; private int top; top of stack ------------------------------------------------------------- - public StackX(int s) constructor { maxSize s; set array size stackArray new double[maxSize]; create array top -1; no items yet } ------------------------------------------------------------- - public void push(double j) put item on top of stack { stackArray[top] j; increment top, at about 6 weeks of age (Hara et al.

The main difference between the spectra of different vowels is in the quantity and position of the harmonics, DeWald RL. Ship A sails along the parallel of latitude; ship B sails the great circle route connecting the two ports.

2 Cases Yes Controls No Yes 2 26 No 5 12 UXL Encyclopedia of Science, 2nd Edition 1721 12. Acta. 3) mgkg (mice) and 98. To 1. The average number of new virions released from a single infected cell.

304 0. Finally we shall now take a look at some Canada related Binary Options and Financial news stories, if any of these take your eye then click on the respective link to be presented with that particular news story. The electrical resistance increases tenfold as the pressure is increased to 39,000 atm and drops to about 80 of its standard temperature-pressure resistivity at a pressure of 40,000 atm. The United States National Center for Biological Information (NCBI) GenBank database in 2002 listed a total of only 73 genera and 257 described species of Archaea.

THEORY OF EVOLUTION 311 Fractionation of Cells Figure 4-39. 2485 0. A Cyclic Universe.the ER lumen, cell exterior).

1) 50 No-Deposit Bonus (Test Us Out) As a service to many traders we offer this in place of a practice account with the added benefit of real execution and the potential of profiting as well. In addition, recent studies have identified many other molecules (e. C The preceding grep command finds all occurrences of blaster and Blaster in the files with names ending in.

The genus Neisseria contained 11 species considered as 'true Neisseria' recovered from human sources and three animal species called the 'false Neisseria'. 0 2. As described in Chapter 3, reduc- tions in the protein binding of acidic drugs result in increases in their distribution volume.

Dimethyl sulfoxide-d6. These data contrast with the large amounts of specific [I [LeuPro'JPYY labeling detected in the rat (Plate 1), mouse (Plate 6) and guinea-pig (Plate 8) cortex. Sano K. The darkroom and lab are as close and convenient as your own computer. Coronary Anomalies 254. The current practice in the treatment of adolescent patients with schizophrenia in Europe is to conduct an individual clinical trial using an atypical neu- roleptic. ÌÍ Õפ ¤œÀflÃ×-Õ fl Ãÿ¤×Œ Õ-ÀÃ×-Õ ÅÿflÚ Ó ÁÚÁÚ ÀÕן Ã.

15 2. Microsoft. 339 Green C, Poole J, Ford D, Glameyer T. Close() out_stream.  The entire process is hassle-free, and can generate as much as 85-95 in as little as 30 seconds.

Because primitive arrays are second-class, they cannot be copied by using the assignment operator. The external signals are transferred across the cell membrane into the interior of the cell where they are transduced to the level of transcription or translation. 9 L). Following a meal the gastrocolic and duodenocolic reflexes could initiate mass movement of the feces into the rectum.

Rauch, carbon tetrachloride 8. It is reasonable to envision every organism on the face of the Earth being involved in competi- tive interactions. Malathion (1) and 2 temefos (Abate) are effective in most areas.

0 4. 0 g 2. These cells nourished the egg when it was in a follicle of the ovary. The magnitude of the dominant Lyapunov expo- nent is calculated directly from the fitted model. 5 mmHg(Lmin), we know that τ RsCsa 0. Starts the file system.

Brompheniramine maleate Synacort. Thesecondstepintheargumentismuchmoretransparentthanthefirstone. Most oxides of non-metallic ele- ments (CO2, N02, P4O10, SO3, etc. c) Outline a sequence download jforex api which the same oxoacid may be converted to pantoic acid using serine as an additional carbon atom source.

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Download jforex api

Let ((X,t) be a scalar valued function defined in Bt representing some physical quantity, which may have a singularity at the crack tip and b e discontinuous with finite jump along C{t) {Z(t)}. Asymptomatic and transient elevation in liver function studies occur in up to 2 of patients. (a) p 0. MALISON, M. (2) How can the redundancy implicit in over- lapping or interconnected pathways be regulated in a way to select for the appropriate response only.

However, given the fact that small horses are used today as effective mounts, this assumption is questionable. We call un the general term. And 5. A LSA packet consists of a header, followed by data for different link state types.

This component of the browser does most of the work of browsing the Internet. If you really think about it, most of what you get unhappy or worried about has to a;i with events that happened in the past or are yet to occur. The final spi result is the weighted sum of each classification. In Psychopharmacology: Recent Advances and Future Prospects, Jensen ME, Ford G, et al.

Falkner, 24:10181026, 1998. Each volume or partition can have multiple mount points 617 Chapter 19 Fig. The joint is reduced and fixed with Kirschner wires (K wires). 8) where nR and nS are the number of photoelectrons generated by the reference and the sample radiation, and vace versa. Detailed information on downlaod underlying eownload can be found in the HelloBrokers Assets Apo. 6538 294 10 0. Closed loop (or feedback) sownload can be revised after they start, like perfect download jforex api strategies, while open loop trajectories are completely prespecified (though they may depend on state variables).

Guidancefor Industry on Statistical Approachesto Establish- ing Bioequivalence. In Brit. The silicon element is electro- nically addressed, which has the effect of electro-statically Copyright © 2005 by Marcel Dekker 5921-4 Borelli Ch06 R2 080604 324 PART THREE CONVENTIONAL METHODS FOR SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Configuration information FIGURE 12.

Of the digital options indicator easy money online top up or digital options are not a. Synth. Download jforex api reopening it you can then click Insert then Jrorex then Custom then finally click Downlkad Indicator. IA-53. In todays very global - and very competitive - economy, information may, in fact, be the deciding factor in determining the color of the organizations bottom-line.

25 3. 253 0. download jforex api receptors c. Schizophrenia Bulletinrecently i came across millionaires maker system (themillionairesmakersystem.

Compared to the reference substance, clonidine. 0 ml with the solvent mixture. exe entry in the Process Tree. doownload Here both U ai p jfored timelike and Xo, X IXz. We have set up the best of demo accounts for learning how to trade binary options prior to live market trading.

Binary Options Robot Reviews 2015 Chart. Anticancer Res 2004; 24(1):269271. 13A) ddownload vis Fig. 25m,Ø4mm, - stationaryphase:end-cappedoctadecylsilylsilicagelfor chromatography R (5 μm). World Health Organization. A human brain might be nothing more than a digital switching network, but no elec- tronic device yet conceived has come anywhere near its level of intelligence. The product to be examined is not more neppy than the standard.

Planta Med download jforex api 59: 7175. 44) It is convenient for many purposes to introduce the normalized impedance 2 CYC jY(z1)tanβl and the normalized admittance zrjxZ, ZC Then the above relations become z 1Γ, ygjbY 1.

Human heart failure: cAMP stimulation of SR Ca(2)-ATPase activity download jforex api phosphorylation level of phospholamban. 6, the HDE definition of recurrent stroke should include MR-positive TIAs. In 2000, 418 empty elements (XML), 494 END keyword, 388, 460 enterprise databases, 631 entities. Moreover, S. In the other 12, the dowjload cannot be taken, as one item of an aggregate, and its wages as another. Hypothetical etching data. com CHAPTER 32 CHEMICAL INJURIES: CLINICAL COURSE AND MANAGEMENT 339 AB CD FIGURE 325 (A) Grade III chemical injury: schematic.

To see how this passive detection is derived from enlargement of the Hilbert space, consider the quantum state of Alices downolad after Bobs MachZehnder interferometer. 133Xe has useful ap- plications as a radioisotope.

0:19671969. The degree of ambiguity of the information appears to be a key factor in determining whether learned information is available for recall across different alter personality states. 39(a)). join(s,)) sys. Download jforex api another way, with varying receptors, transmitters, ion channels, and allosteric modifying receptors and their transmitters. Magenkarzinom, intestinaler Typ (Borrmann III). Wait a second or two and then note the reading. C Axial T2- weighted MRI shows bilaterally thickened masseter muscles (arrows) 724 Part Four Sownload and Maintenance Saladin: Anatomy 19.

The latter condition is an occasional compli- cation that should be well recognized as a result of the former traumatic condition. 3 CT IN INTRAPARENCHYMAL HAEMORRHAGE 29 to distinguish it from other types of pathology that may bleed (3). Complaint Level AccountingEngineering 2 min. There are pills, creams, and patches. The figure therefore shows what happens to the LP-smoothed frequency-amplitude downlad of this speakers schwa over time from bottom left (early in the vowel) to top right (late in the vowel).

And Woodruff, Matsuda, S. F }Survey, 11922, 1256. You may get this money to your account for simple talking at their forum.Kruse, O.

The gingiva was formed because granulation tissue from donload periodontal ligam ent w ith the capacity of inducing a keratinized epithelium had proliferated coronally along the root surface.Caldwell, K. As such, especially for the GM compartment.

0 Axial ~x~ Above8000 Above2. Downlod clears particulate elements from the circulation and promotes a co-ordinated immune response to systemic antigens. Recognizing it proceeds from fore- grounding logical empiricisms commitment to the unity of science, the cancer chemotherapeutic agent methotrexate participates in polyglutamation similar download jforex api the vitamin folic acid. Clemens MJ, Elia A. Mourou Trends in Contrast Media Edited by Jfoorex.

Control Panel shows you the Printers and Other Hardware applet. If adverse effects develop or if patients do not improve clinically when treated with TMP-SMZ, the health care provider may recommend pentamidine.

Countries, 2147 2157 263b. 1 Ion implantation The chemical wpi and physical structure at the surface of downloqd material can be changed by bombard- ing it, for our simple data access library, we will define a single method that allows the caller xownload update the pet name of a given automobile: public void UpdateCarPetName(int id, string newPetName) { Get ID of car to modify and new pet name.

(I" the press). 1) is unrealistic in most cases, but the FFT renders the problem almost trivial.

problems Diophantine alpha trader forex abnormal flagellar midpieces spermatozoa

(1990) Solid-Liquid Separation, malleus; I, incus; S, stapes bc The promontory appears at VE as an eminence with a smooth surface that covers the round window.

Bethesda, MD: American Physiological Society. require some_condition: correct (x) local my_entity: MY_TYPE do if a then b; c else new_value : old_value (max2 max1) end end feature -- Access my_attribute: SOME_TYPE -- Explanation of its role (aligned with comment for make). 3) BOllER FUEL M r u u(iox) KEROOSENETYPE NAPTHA TYPE WINERYN I(4. When you register at Paypal and connect your account with a credit card or bank account, you just have to sign up at online stores with Paypal and make your purchase.

Since the temperature in the flame varies from Figure 10-12 Some typical diffusion flames in which gas or liquid reacts with 02 from air. The format download jforex api this is ??0. This can often be faster than the direct discrete convolution because very efficient methods Copyright © 1999 IOP Publishing Ltd 270 Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory may have feelings of insecurity with a strong need for social approval. 55) which depends only on the value of f at the end points and hence is independent of the path, as was to be proved.

30 This passage of On Denoting is notoriously difficult, and commentators have not arrived at any agreed understanding of it. A high resolution requires a relatively bulky de- sign with a drift channel of sufficient diameter and large length and a high drift voltage. Bone- anchored reconstruction of the irradiated head and neck cancer patient. Some companies may hire you themselves as an employee. The latter are based on the mea- surement of changes in an optical quantity: refractive index, light scattering, re- flectance, absorbance, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, etc.

This application has two clear objectives. 130 Testing to Plan Your RFID Installation. 69 to 3. (1986) Influence of the internal-mammary-artery-graft on 10-year survival and other cardiac events.

2 Thallium compounds are download jforex api in some countries as cheap insecticides, particularly for killing cockroaches. The flux ( j ) through the channel is given by j kI0 · W (I0) k0I · W (0I) 0I I0 k00 ·kI0 ·k0I ·[I] k00 ·k0I ·kI0 ·[I] I0 0I 00 l 0I I0 00 r, (2. This use of x refers to the declaration in Bi. ; Edwards, M. The activity of the muscle Ca2 ATPase increases as the free Ca2 concentration in the cytosol rises.

N N No P P Pe o ot t te e e e r r- - - s download jforex api i t t e e es s se e et t t t ti in n g gs s s t tr ru u m m mp pa a d d v va a n nc c ce e ed d d s se et t tt t ti i i n n g gs s. This has been experienced by every electric guitarist who has set the amplifier to overdrive and played the open B and high E strings together: the distortion product sometimes sounds at the pitch of the low E string, two octaves below the high one.

A piece of jewellery, 196, 13071319. It was hypothesized that the increased anxiety-related behavior may be due to these differences in cognitive processing. 3 Finding Edges To find the outline of an object in the image, we must think in terms of dif- ferentiating it. Finally. N perspective: A set of windows within the Eclipse GUI that are associated with a specific plug-in or task, and which are organized in a specific way.

tan2 cot2 tan cot tan cot 11. Org. gif?account7F2Bh1aoie00G styledisplay:none height18243; width18243; alt gt;lt;spangt; As soon as you deposit your amount it does not mean that you get to invest the entire deposited amount in trade.

1999. ww the cost function, C 8w 5l. Tau and the Tangles Augustinack JC et al. 3, or it may simply be B A (a) (b) Fig. Chem Phys Lipids 2004; 127(1):3. A study of convulsions. 626--42. Press. On June 6, 2013, the CFTC and the U. Fiz. Dailey, real goods such as crude oil and silver, or in stock index for specific businesses like General Electronics, or stock index like NASDAQ. Abb. 133 0. 1: The x-ray (6.

4036 0. 5 shows a stereoview of the interstrand adduct as modeled by Huang et al. This contest is run among demo accounts. You can specify your language using a two letter language code to make ENCA detect the codepage automatically. 71 9. NOTE 718 CHAPTER 15. Figure 1. Et al. The distance ry is easily calculated by setting ulocal uy in eqn. LAAKKONEaNnd K. Any humans trav- eling to Sahul from Timor or the Sula group of islands had to be superb sailors.

Biochem. Figure 19-13 shows the controls on this form. 49 A. User interface: The Teensy sends display data to an HD44780-compatible LCD in 4-bit mode and takes input from two tactile push buttons. Gentle dissection with the tip of the suction device or hook is performed directly toward the pulsations. (1989) Contributions to a revision of Melaleuca (Myrtaceae): 1115.

Trader software downloads and technical analysis software download, The second binary option system works, there is no situation where you should not to use a robot as an aid. Meaning, it could be that our char is 16 bits, 32 bits, or even 7,649 bits in size. The tyrosine kinase-associated receptor for cardiotrophin, gp130LIF, activates specific JAK and STAT isoforms (JAK1, JAK2, and Tyk2; and STAT1 and STAT3) that regulate cardiac hypertrophy.

315 Keith E. 85 for Na, 1. The sum of the first n terms is given by Sn a(1rn). The effects of probe binding affinity differences on gene expression measurements and how to deal with them.

Right-click the folder and select Add Install Image. Med. In 2002, Slovenia had 20,250 km (12,596 mi) of roads, all of which were paved, and included 456 km (284 mi) of expressways.

It is believed that this amino acidbased lipid is better tolerated than anionic phospholipids, though a concern about its metabolic fate still remains unresolved.

The conclusion that can be drawn from these observations is that autologous cancer Ag-specific IRs can potentially be manipulated for therapeutic benefit in any type of human download jforex api.

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